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Are YOU a teacher or educator looking to get 3D printing in the classroom?  Do you want to be on the cutting edge of the next digital frontier in education?  At this pace, 3D printing of ALL types is set to become a major employment market as businesses all across the globe are beginning to bring low-cost 3D printing in-house.  With more and more companies every day adopting the technology, someone needs to be teaching our students how to become successful 3D engineers!  

That's where SeeMeEducate comes in.  With our cutting edge yet affordable 3D printers, outstanding customer support, online community resources and more, we can get you off to a great start in classroom based 3D printing.  

But, that's not all.  We've also developed curriculum for teaching everything from the basics, like software and machine operation, up to producing projects for the students to build their hands-on skills.  All of this curriculum is developed by actual teachers, in real life classrooms!  We have one of the best educators in the country working with us to put together the tools and materials any classroom would need.

Having course curriculum developed by actual teachers means you'll get the material you need.  No need to develop your own classroom projects (but of course you can!).  This not only eases the start up of your courses on 3D printing, but makes it easier for you to get the school on board too.  With over 150 plus pages already you can start reading and preparing for the future right now.  

Here's a link to the online curriculum that is set up as a PDF for easy online access OR printing it out to keep in the classroom.  We recommend online viewing, as updates come often with feedback from all of the teachers starting to use this in their classes