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Push Pull Drag Sale

Do you have an old, worn out, broken or non-functional 3D printer laying around?  Looking to get another 3D printer?  

Then we've got a deal for you!

Offer Ends December 15th, 2017***

Save $50 on an H2 Kit
Save $75 on an Orion Delta
Save $100 on RMAX v3 RTP
Save $100 on RMAX v4 RTP


In order to qualify for the discount your trade in needs to have the following parts:

  • Frame - Must have a frame
  • Minimum of 4 stepper motors
  • Minimum of 1 hotend
  • Must have a complete control board
  • Must have some type of extruder

Now here's the thing.  None of these parts have to be functional but they must be in the box.  Hotend burned up?  No problem.  Controller no longer works?  No worries. Extruder broken?  Doesn't matter!  All the parts just need to be in the box.  It doesn't need to be assembled, just complete.  We're working on developing a recycling project where our summer engineering interns will be disassembling these machines and sorting all the parts.  


Here's how it works.  Print out the form below and fill in all the information.  Enclose that form inside the box.  Address and ship your trade-in machine (parts) to the address listed below.  The form includes information on which printer you want to purchase.  Make sure that's on the form!  Once we receive your trade in we'll email you a link to purchase your new 3D printer with the special prices included.If you checked off each of the five things to ship us, you will be eligible - you don't need to ask!  




Ship the printer to:

601 Sroufe St., Suite 200
Ligonier, IN 46767


Once we receive your trade-in with the enclosed form we will email you a link to purchase your new 3D printer.  Simply follow the steps to complete your order and your new SeeMeCNC® will be on it's way!  

 ***SeeMeCNC reserves the right the end this promotion, without notice. This offer may not be combined with other promotions or rebates. Limit one per order.