SeeMeEducate FAQ

Why should 3D printing be used in the classroom?

It’s simple, 3D printing can motivate, captivate and unleash the creative possibilities that 
our students are yearning for. When a student has a 3D model on the computer it’s neat. 
When they print their design, hold it in their hands, manipulate it, find its strengths and 
weaknesses, well that’s just incredible.
3D printing is quickly gaining attention in many different industries especially education. 
This is due to its ability to meet a broad range of needs by quickly and affordably 
producing quality products that until recently would have required a significant 

What Grades would 3D printing appropriate for?

3D printing can be an excellent addition to any elementary, middle school, high school or 
post-secondary classroom. The grade level will typically determine the complexity of the 
resulting prints and how much overseeing of printing is needed, but the SeeMeEducate
curriculum is easily adaptable by the classroom teacher to meet the specific needs of their class.

What classes are best suited for 3D printing?

The Orion Delta printer is well suited to meet the needs of a broad range of classes 
including but not limited to: STEM Programs, Engineering Technology Education 
courses, Computer Graphics and other Art classes.

What size objects can the Orion Delta 3D Printer Print?

The Orion Delta can print a broad range of designs within a cylindrical build envelope of 
6” in diameter and 9” tall (175 cubic inches).

How long will it take to print an object?

Print time varies by part size, shape, complexity and final application requirements. 
Small prints, such as the SeeMe Dog Tag (included in the curriculum) have been 
optimized to print in less than 15 minutes. 

What type of file is required to 3D print an object?

.STL or .OBJ are the standard file types required to 3D print an object. Most 3D 
modeling software is capable of exporting in this format, meaning you won’t need to 
invest time and finance to purchase and learn new modeling software. If you aren’t 
already using any 3D modeling software, there are multiple options available to get 
started, many that are free. Additionally, ready to print objects can be downloaded from 

What discounts does SeeMeCNC offer?

Our educational package is priced less than purchasing all of the items from us 
separately. SeeMeCNC is proud to offer an affordable solution for your 3D printing 
needs. From the beginning, SeeMeCNC has aimed to provide the most affordable yet
high quality 3D printing solutions on the market.  We take pride in giving you the best 
machines and support that are available anywhere.

How much does the software cost and are there any other hidden costs?

The softwares used to process files for 3D printing are Repetier-Host and Slic3r, and
they are both free open source programs developed by the community and supported
by SeeMeCNC as well as many others.  It is freely available for all users to download
and use. There are no other hidden costs for the machine software.


There are two main expendables with most 3D printing solutions.
• Filament, can be purchased directly from SeeMeCNC in ABS, PLA, Nylon and more
• Elmers glue sticks which can be purchased at nearly any retail store are used to help 
adhere the print to the surface it starts printing on.  There are other materials to use for 
this such as Kapton tape (more expensive), Hair Sprays (cheap and easy) and even PET 
tapes.  All of these surface prep materials can last for dozens or more prints if care is taken 
to let the prints cool before removing them and handling with care.

What kind of materials can I print with?

The educational package comes with three rolls of PLA and one roll of ABS filament. 
The Orion Delta printer is capable of printing single color parts, but we offer a range 
of colors in both types of filament to meet your aesthetic design needs. We also offer 
Taulman Nylon and Taulman T-Glase filaments, but we recommend these for more 
advanced users. To learn more about choosing filaments read PLA VS. ABS Plastic – 

What is the difference between the Orion Delta and other SeeMeCNC 3D printers?

The Orion Delta comes fully assembled and ready to print.  It has gone through assembly,
calibration, and even printing test at the factory before it ever leaves the shop.  The kits
require a typical minimum of 30 hours to assemble and calibrate before being ready to print
as well as a much larger learning curve.  The are for the DIY guys and gals that want to
"build not buy" their own 3D Printers. 

Why choose SeeMeCNC / SeeMeEducate?

There are many reasons to choose a SeeMeCNC educational package. First and foremost, 
SeeMeCNC produces quality products that are affordable and made in the USA. 
Secondly, our excellent customer service and online support forums are there to help you 
every step of the way, no matter the question we will find a solution.  With the SeeMeEducate
package, you also get exclusive access to dedicated email support and even advice from real
world teachers who are using these same steps in the classroom.  That gives you the confidence 
to know that there's someone there who knows how to make it a success.