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SE300 Hotend

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New September 2019:  The SE300 v1.4 Hotend is updated with a latching power connector.  

Updated Whip - Compatible with SE300 v1.4.

Whip Upgrade to v1.4 Kit - Modify your existing whip to work with SE300 v1.4.


The SE300 hotend is the same hotend used on our Artemis 300 and RostockMAX v3.2. No soldering required. The pcb is designed and manufactured in-house at SeeMeCNC! 

The on-board micro controller and probing strain gauge circuit are built-in and based on the Duet Smart Effector circuit. Our 4 layer pcb contains two inner layers with squiggly sensor traces used to detect strain when probing. This arrangement is surprisingly sensitive. Each board is programmed and tested for functionality. To compare probing, the strain gage probe is three times more sensitive than the HE280 acceleromter probe. More accurate probing, more reliable probing. A bright blue LED clearly indicates probe sensing. 

The triple blower design provides exceptional part cooling right where it's needed!  Make incredible no-support bridges and improve print quality while reducing clean up post print processing. 

Let's not forget about the bones!  The industrial grade glass filled nylon frame is heavy duty!  The injection molds are made in-house. Then we also injection mold the parts in-house too!  





  • BOSSdelta 300
  • Artemis 300
  • RostockMAX v3.2  
  • RostockMAX v4



Fully Assembled Includes:

  • 86197 assembled with plastic ball joints
  • 86196 assembled with metal ball joints
  • 0.5mm nozzle default



Whip and mating connectors are not included.


Other parts required if upgrading a RostockMAX v3 

Designed for use with a DUET control boards. The 



 Made in the U.S.A.