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Magigoo 50ml Bottle

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Secure Adhesion - Easy Release

Magigoo is an easy to use 3D printing adhesive designed to address "the first layer not sticking problem". Magigoo ensures a strong adhesion to the hot plate. But the magic starts when printing is ready: just wait for the plate to cool down and then remove your prints with just a finger flick! In addition, Magigoo helps to prevent warping. Isn't it magic? Regardless of you being a hobbyist or professional - it is extremely rewarding to have a 30 hour print complete without any warping and having it release easily once cooled.

How long will this bottle last? Well, this 50mL bottle will last many months. You typically get 5-6 prints per application and we've found several months of use only drain the bottle a tiny bit. 


Main Features

  • Easy application
  • Easy print release / No tools needed
  • Easy to clean
  • No smell / Non-toxic


Important note:

We want to see you get the most value out of your purchase. The manufacturer of Magigoo recommends the following: 

Please do not press the bottle like a "ketchup bottle", otherwise the applicator may pop off and your Magigoo will spill. You may slightly squeeze only when the applicator is pressed against the bed, only necessary more flow is required. Bottle must not be squeezed when cap is off or any other time applicator is not against the bed as it may result in glue popping out of the bottle and spilling.