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Jubilee Magnetic Aluminum Bed KIT

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Jubilee SeeMeCNC Style Magnetic Bed KIT complete (spring steel sold seperately)

Machined aluminum bed for the DIY Jubilee 3D printer project. Made using ATP 5 cast aluminum tool & jig plate to ensure a flat build surface. 

This is the 'SeeMeCNC version' based on the Jubilee original. Our version has a bumped out area for mounting our 100k thermistor cartridge and adapter board to make connection easy and temperature sensing accurate. We include the tension springs and all hardware needed to get going fast. The 10mm balls are tapped with M4 threads and mounting using the included screws. The high temperature neodymium magnets provide good holding force. The magnet array is inspired by 713maker. The SeeMeCNC design retains the magnets with a small plastic clip for easy and fast assembly. 





  • Machined Aluminum Bed Plate drilled and tapped
  • Magnets with retaining clips
  • Thermistor Cartridge 100k
  • SMC Adapter Board (SeeMeCNC SMC-T1)
  • Wire with Duet Connection for Thermistor
  • Springs and Mounting Screws
  • 10mm Dia x M4 Tapped Steel Balls
  • Mounting hardware


Needed but not included