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SeeMeCNC Monthly Update - August 1st, 2019

SeeMeCNC Monthly Update - August 1st, 2019

Welcome to the SeeMeCNC Monthly Update for August 1st, 2019!

We’re pretty happy here around the shop with how July went, all in all. Between the sales, promotions, and the support from our great customers, we were able to clean house a little to make room for new product R&D! “But they have a huge building, what do they mean they needed more space?!” you may be asking yourself. Yeah we’ve somehow managed to fill it believe it or not with all the equipment and resources needed to make as much of our 3D printers here in house as possible. Stay tuned, some really exciting stuff is in the works!

August is shaping up to be an exciting month for us. With schools starting to purchase tools for the classroom, and SeeMeCNC always being a popular brand for schools and universities, we expect to be very busy this month!

New “About Us” Page

We’ve implemented a new “About Us” page that’s now cleaner, more professional, and on brand!


Check it out, and you can be face to face with the people you’re supporting by buying SeeMeCNC brand 3D printers and accessories.

7” Touch Screen Bezel for Raspberry Pi 4 Accesorry

With the recent release of the Raspberry Pi 4 we wanted to remind everyone that we have a great precision molded bezel for it’s 7” touch screen accessory! We offer them in blue, black, and red options. Check them out, they may be perfect for your custom electronics project!

Link: Pi Bezel for 7” Pi Touch Screen Flush Mount

Price Drops

Don’t forget, starting last month, the prices of all SeeMeCNC desktop 3D printers have dropped significantly. Here’s a friendly reminder of what those are!

Artemis 300 RTP™ Fully Assembled - $1,899
RostockMAX v4 RTP™ Fully Assembled - $1,349
RostockMAX v4 DIY KIT - $999

SeeMeCNC Back to School Sale 2019

Now through August 19th, 2019 you can get an extra 10% OFF any RostockMAX v4 +3x FREE random color 0.5kg (1LB) rolls of PLA!

Just use the promo code 3DFUTURE2019 at checkout and save!

New Slicing Profiles

We’ve recently been working on some custom slicing profiles for use with our printers and Cura 3.4.1 for some custom customer projects. We figured, hey, might as well share the love right? We put the profiles on our GitHub for anyone to use. Have fun!

SE300 IRON PLA 070 Nozzle
This profile was created for fast printing with maintained detail with Proto-Pasta Iron-filled Metal Composite PLA, but should work nicely with most metal infused filaments and a .7 Stainless Steel nozzle on your SeeMeCNC 3D printer.

SE300 PLA White 050 Nozzle
White filament. The thorn in the side of 3D printing enthusiasts for years. It doesn’t matter what brand, it’s always hard to print with because of the amount of colorant introduced to produce a true white color. We’ve created a profile special just for white PLA, in hopes it might help you if you’re determined to use it.

SE300 PLA White 040 Nozzle Lithophane
This profile is a derivative of the other white profile, with adjustments made to work with a .4 brass nozzle, to slice lithophanes specifically.

Added DUET Ethernet Firmware

We’ve recently tackled adding Ethernet connection as an option for the Artemis 300 RTP™ and BOSSdelta™ 3D printers in replacement of the WiFi module on our standard machines. This is to accommodate our education, government, and corporate customers in which case a printer using a WiFi connection could be considered a security risk to their IT department. That being said, we only have an extremely limited number of DUET Ethernet control boards on hand, and these are only available by special request. Email sales, submit a support ticket, or give us a call if you’re needing this option for your future SeeMeCNC 3D printer purchase.

Nonscriptum LLC

Joan Horvath and Rich “Whosawhatsis” Cameron (co-founders of Nonscriptum LLC) have been hard at work recently with their professional 3D printing training courses and book. We highly recommend checking out their resources if you haven’t already! We’ve worked with them to provide media that helps add to the already great quality of training they offer.

Their online printer-agnostic class starts Sept. 3rd, 2019 and can be found here:


Their Lynda.com/LinkedIn Learning courses can be found here: 


Lynda (owned by LinkedIn) has a one-month free trial that you could use to get started!

Their  most recent book, Mastering 3D Printing in the Classroom, Library and Lab, can be found here:


Maker’s Workshop LLC (Michael Denault)

Normally we would type our own section up for the community spotlight, but Michael did such a good job of explaining everything that we figured it would be best just to copy over what he wrote us!

“My sister was getting married and wanted me to put together the table numbers for her reception. Her fiancé had proposed overlooking the Newport Bridge in Jamestown, Rhode Island so they asked me for something that would incorporate that view of the bridge.

A few months prior I had put together LED night lights for my two nieces using a 3D printed base and that project wound up serving as a prototype for this one. I knew the LEDs would shine brightly enough to be visible in daylight, and then glow in the darkness as the evening progressed.

My daughter, the couple’s niece, is great at drawing so I thought it would be a special touch for her to be the one to sketch up the bridge based off of a photo online. She worked on that while I put together the 3D Model.

I did the 3D Design in Shapr 3D. I find the app to be a very intuitive way to design from scratch.

I have had my Artemis 300 3D Printer for about a year now. The large build plate along with the increased speed of the delta were both advantages for this project over a traditional 3D printer because I was making so many boxes, 17 to be exact plus a few for good measure. I was able to fit a full spools worth of prints on a single plate and the machine could handle that high-volume print more quickly than other printers might have.

I printed these with Hatchbox Silk PLA in Gold to provide an undercolor for the gold spray paint I used on top, in case any paint chipped off as they were handled leading into the wedding.

I was able to successfully get all of the boxes printed, including some down time for the printer, in about a week’s time. There was a full day of wiring involved and then another day put into turning the sketch my daughter drew into a full design to be laser cut on the clear acrylic as well. Making these wound up being quite an undertaking because there were so many. It was a whole family affair for about a week at the workshop getting them ready in time for the event.

One of my favorite things about this project is that you can easily switch out the acrylic panel on top of each of the 3D printed based to completely reinvent the piece.

Our full How-To Build video can be viewed our Youtube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWIKUbpaABo

We also made the 3D design and wiring instructions available for free on our Thinigiverse account which is linked in the YouTube description.

If you decide to try this we would love to see your take on it! So you can tag us on Instagram @makersworkshopllc.”

Thanks for sharing Michael!

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