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SeeMeCNC Acquisition of Toys-R-Us Storage Rack

SeeMeCNC Acquisition of Toys-R-Us Storage Rack

Last month we acquired 2/3 of a local Toys-R-Us pallet racking!  Most people I know have been in a Toys-R-Us at one time or another shopping for gifts and presents and it is sad to see them go. We thought we'd share some pictures of the storage racking we bought because of the unique history. 


While it's a bummer to see Toys-R-Us go, it is a huge asset for SeeMeCNC to have the storage space. Wow was it a lot of work taking all of that rack outta there! SeeMeCNC's Caleb, Nathan, Sam, and myself spent several trips back and forth with the huge trailer we use to haul around the PartDaddy 16 foot tall delta printer. 



What else might we be up to?  ;)   We couldn't resist the good deal and purchased a quantity of retail racking too. Large and small retail racks will provide a nice display for something...



Having plenty of space and shelving is an asset in itself when you're manufacturing products in-house, like we do here at SeeMeCNC. Here's a picture of just some of our new pallet rack setup in our production area, where we are building your next SeeMeCNC 3D Printer! :)


Enjoy the photos and look forward to more blog posts and press releases.  There are many interesting things happening at SeeMeCNC and we want to share. 

I would like to send a huge THANK YOU out to all our community members and users who give feedback which helps us build a high quality product.  


Steve Wygant, CEO