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(NEW!) SeeMeCNC Monthly Update - July 1st, 2019

(NEW!) SeeMeCNC Monthly Update - July 1st, 2019

Welcome one and all to the SeeMeCNC Monthly Update for July 1st, 2019

We hope to make these updates frequently on the first of each month to get news and information out to YOU! So let's get started...

We’re SLICING Prices!

Starting now, we’ve permanently lowered the price of our main line of 3D Printers significantly! The printers themselves haven’t changed, they’re the same printers, quality, value, warranty, and support we’ve been offering for years. The only thing that’s changed is the price!

Check out these sweet new prices!

Artemis 300 RTP™ Fully Assembled - $1,899
RostockMAX v4 RTP™ Fully Assembled - $1,349
RostockMAX v4 DIY KIT - $999

Independence Day Sale

NOW through July 7th, 2019 you can save an extra 10% on any desktop 3D printer purchase with the discount code JULY2019

This code can be combined with the already dropped prices of the brand new or Scratch and Dent / Refurbished printers! Have a safe and happy 4th!

Save Your Pennies with a Scratch and Dent / Refurbished 3D Printer!

We currently have a surplus of Scratch and Dent / Refurbished printers that’s we’re selling at a great discount! Go to our website, and in the search bar at the top right corner, search “scratch” to find RostockMAX v3.2 DIY KITs and Artemis 300 RTP™ printers with prices you can’t pass up!

The RostockMAX v3.2 DIY KITs are classified as “Scratch and Dent” simply because the main frame parts were cut from boards of melamine that have chips or scratches in them from storage or handling. The defects are purely cosmetic! The kit can still be built into the same workhorse of a machine as every other reliable v3.2 we’ve sold over time. You’re making a nice savings for very little compromise.

The Artemis 300 RTP™ printers we have classified as “Scratch and Dent / Refurb” are printers we’ve received in exchange for brand new printers after the many updates we implemented on the Artemis 300 over the past year. They’ve been completely stripped, and rebuilt with all the current hardware and tech we sell all of our current machines with! Because of the main sheet metal shell of the printer having a previous owner, however, there are some cosmetic defects with these machines. Old shell and brand new guts means you save money while getting a tank of a 3D printer that holds the same quality and warranty of our brand new models!

Both of these options are VERY limited in stock, and when we’re out, we’re out for good unless we find something hiding in a corner of the office somewhere, so act fast while you still can and SAVE!


Get Printing Fast with Our New Quick Start Guide

The eagle-eyed customers may have noticed a new addition to the “Support” tab on the SeeMeCNC website. The new Quick Start guide was created to help every customer with our 3D printers get printing with the best quality FAST. Our CEO Steve Wygant took the time to write this guide up with the assistance of friend of the company Gene Buckle. Whether you’re thinking about ordering a printer, have one on the way, or have had one for a while, it’s worth reading. You never know what it might help you with, even if you consider yourself an expert!


Omar Cuevas’ Rat Rod ITB Covers

A recent project that has caught our eyes on the SeeMeCNC 3D Printer Users Group on Facebook has been these sweet ITB (Individual Throttle Body) covers for a Mark I Volkswagen Golf Rat Rod! The ITBs are from a Suzuki GXR 1000, and he’s been printing test files in Matthackers Build PETG, and the final versions (pictured) were printed in Nylon X and Nylon G. All of the test covers and final covers were printed on his trusty RostockMAX v3 that he’s upgraded to a v3.2!

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