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Bed Leveling Notes for your Duet controlled SeeMeCNC 3D Printer

Bed Leveling Notes for your Duet controlled SeeMeCNC 3D Printer

Let's auto level your machine through the Duet browser control interface.

You first pull up your machine by entering it's IP address. If you haven't configured your printer yet, follow the configuration guide for your model.

The auto leveling (calibration) routine is a macro run from the control screen. The control screen may be a browser window on your computer or an optional touch screen controller mounted on your machine. SeeMeCNC provides macro's with the firmware found on github.com/seemecnc. Each SeeMeCNC Duet controlled machine has the latest firmware installed at the factory.  We ship with release of Duet firmware AND include custom macro's we've written and thoroughly tested for your SeeMeCNC machine. 


Typical glass bed cleaning process

  1. remove glass bed from the printer
  2. clean with dish soap and warm water
  3. dry thoroughly and re-install on the printer
  4. click the macro "Probe Autolevel" (see picture)
  5. machine will finish and tell you the result of the probing
  6. your ready to print again


First Probe macro is normally run once before any other probing after the printer is assembled. First Probe does a mapping routine and is a lengthy, more thorough calibration of your printer. It is not necessary to run this very often at all. If you change something with your arms, linear motion, or frame, you would want to re-run this First Probe macro to calibrate your machine again.


Some Notes

  • Try not to touch the glass when removing prints. The oils from your fingers will keep the print from sticking
  • Did you know PLA usually sticks great to squeaky clean glass. Clean your glass bed with rubbing alcohol and give it a try
  • To make your print stick better, try Magigoo, purple glue stick, or Aquanet unscented hairspray. For best results apply these at room temperature
  • It is not necessary to run Autoleveling every time your print.
  • see photo "...do not use the button".  The reason not to use this button is because we custom write the macro's for each specific 3D printer we manufacture. Clicking the button will not fetch the same results as running the macro we provide for your printer.
  • clean the nozzle tip so it is free of any leftover filament stinging
  • clear the print bed surface 


We continue to update, review, and organize our User & Setup Guides.  Our goal is to help new SeeMeCNC users get started with minimal effort and to save you time so you can do more printing!

Thank you, 

Steve "PartDaddy" Wygant