A new way to customize your next printer!

A new way to customize your next printer!

There’s a new way to customize your next SeeMeCNC 3d printer, and we think you are really going to like it! Based on customer feedback there is a high demand for 3D printer à la carte options. What you’ll now find is the ability to choose different options for your kit. This is going to come down to 3 main areas: color, hot end, and electronics. You can mix and match within a list of specified options, making this customization as flexible and easy as possible.

The first product to see this new option rolled out is the H2 Delta 3D Printer Build-A-Kit. As a barebones kit you’ll get everything required to assemble the frame of the printer, motion system (arms, carriages, effector), build plate and stepper motors for an insanely low price of $199.00.

You then have the option of whether to include an HE280 hot end or not. So for all of you E3D, Pico, Prometheus, etc fans out there, you’ve now saved money on the kit, which can be put toward the hot end of your choice. If you decide to include the HE280 Hotend, it will come complete with the whip and connectors for hooking it up to both a RAMBo and Mini-RAMBo.

Next, you have the option to include different electronics configurations. Maybe you have a controller sitting around already, maybe you want to try out a Duet, Smoothieboard, etc. This option is for you. (NOTE: when using a different controller, firmware is your responsibility) Your choices are:

  • Mini-RAMBo & Power Supply
  • Full RAMBo & Power Supply
  • 20 X 4 LCD & Mini-RAMBo & Power Supply
  • 20X 4 LCD & Full RAMBo & Power Supply

So for your next printer, when you’re looking for some flexibility and maybe even to save a little money utilizing components you may already have sitting around, check out the SeeMeCNC H2 Delta 3D Printer Build-A-Kit!