Updated Firmware for Rostock MAX available on GitHub

We've made a few changes to the base firmware that we're shipping pre-installed on our Rostock MAX kits, and thought it would be helpful to know what they are!  First off, the SD filename issues of the past have been mostly resolved.  No longer do you need a 1234567.xxx file name, you can use slic3r's native .gcode extension and it will be readable on the LCD, so that's a help for sure.  Secondly, there is smoother acceleration and jerk settings defined, for smoother movement of the machine's print head.  Third, the settings for the EZStruder that has been shipping with all kits for the past few months are now default, as well as an improved thermistor table, ironically using the generic therm table and tweaking some settings yielded the best possible reporting of temps from the hotend.

Another change we've made is that the firmware for the Rostock MAX that we supply is now located in the RostockMAX GitHub branch. Keeping all the files related to a specific project in one repo makes it easier to track what changes for what machine have been done.  It also just makes sense, right?  We've ditched the naming (RepetierMAX) and just used Repetier.  We wanted to make sure everyone knew early on that the regular Repetier Firmware and our branch with delta support were different, so that's how we came up with the name change.  In respect to Roland, we've changed it back so there's no questions about who the developer is.  We only support Repetier, and add our contributions as we come up with fixes.

This release is probably nothing new for most of you super-users out there, as I've seen many of you already moving on to the newest 0.90 dev branch even!  We encourage anyone and everyone to happily hack away and take advantage of all the newest features available from all over the world!  This release is merely the starting point for anyone to get up and running, and it will work on any Rostock MAX with little to no modification needed.  

Upgrading is very easy to do really.  Fist thing, open up your existing firmware in arduino, and write down these few things found in your conifguration.h file

Steps per mm for all axes

Z Max height 

Motor inverted false/true for all axes

Printer radius setting

PID Values from your hotend/heated bed

Any other variables you might have changed for your likiing

Once you have those, in Arduino go to File>Examples>Eeprom>Eeprom_clear  This opens up a sketch that will wipe all the memory in eeprom from your RAMBo board.  Upload that sketch to your RAMBo, and when it's done, power cycle the RAMBo board.  Now, open up the new firmware, and enter your old values from configuration.h and upload.  That's about it!  There's probably a few settings that will need tweaked to match your old setup, but we think this is a smoother firmware with better SD support

Any questions, as always you can stop by our Forum or shoot us an email to support@ anytime!