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LCD Controller Updates and Firmware Changes

Just a quick post to let everyone know about a new LCD controller that we are shipping with some of our kits as of December (2015).  Our growth over the past year in both sales and our purchasing has led to us having to source multiple suppliers of some of our components that we do not yet manufacture ourselves.  One of these components is the LCD controllers we use on our Rostock MAX v2 kits as well as Orion Delta 3D Printers.  

The new/alternate LCD controllers are easily identified by their red PCB boards instead of the white PCB's.  There are three minor differences in components between the two that you need to understand when setting up your 3D printer.  Here they are:

Ribbon Cable Orientation on LCD adapters

The new red LCD's ribbon cable actually connects 'backwards' as compared to the white LCD's.  Why is that you ask?  Good question!  It turns out, years ago when the LCD's were first manufactured, someone along the way got confused with how to correctly use a 10 pin cable with a red indicator as to which pin it is.  The red stripe usually indicates pin 1, but they made a mistake and had it set as pin 10.  A few of you talented electrical guru's out there caught the mistake, but by that point it had already made it into thousands upon thousands of boards, so it just kinda got left alone.  Well, the manufacturer of the red LCD's decided it was time to make things right apparently, so they make the ribbon cables the correct way.  Correct is relative at this point, but we'll use it here.  

The issue this has with our kits is the LCD adapter for the RAMBo boards from UltiMachine have silkscreen on them showing the orientation of the connector for the white LCD's.  So if you have a white LCD you can follow the visual guide silk screened onto the adapter board.  If you have a red LCD, you'll need to reverse the connector and put the tab towards the opposite side of the silk screened indication.  No problem!

Proper orientation if you have a WHITE LCD (don't mind the red stripe, use the locating 'tab' on the ribbon cable connector body)

Proper orientation for a RED LCD (again make sure you use the locating 'tab' on the ribbon cable connector body)



 Encoder Direction on red LCD's

The direction of the encoder on the red LCD's is opposite from the white versions.  Not a deal breaker, but there is an easy fix.  We have updated the firmware for both the Rostock MAX v2 and Orion Delta to have an easy way to adjust which way the knob moves the cursor on the LCD.  The changes are up on our github page.  All you have to do is go into the configuration.h tab and search for ENCODER_DIRECTION and set it to 1 for red LCD's and 0 for white.  

Here's some links to the new firmware that includes these changes.

Rostock MAX v2 Repetier-091 firmware

Orion Delta Repetier 091 firmware

Encoder Speed on red LCD's

The red LCD's encoder also has a different value for each 'click' of the encoder wheel.  Again there's an easy fix.  It's also in the firmware in the configuration.h file.  Simply set the #define UI_ENCODER_SPEED to 2 for red lcd's and 1 for white.