New Filament Coming Soon

With all the requests coming in from users across the globe we're adding NEW materials in our filament selection this month!  We've added two new materials in multiple options available.  



We're proud to announce we now will carry Ninja-Flex™ flexible materials in our store for you to enjoy!  With this flexible material, make sure you read up on some of the cool things it can do, but also know that it's slightly more difficult than other materials to print due to it's flexible nature.  Many users on our forum have had great luck printing slower speeds with PLA settings, so start there and experiment, or head on over to our Forum and see what others are doing.


We've also teamed up with Proto-Pasta to bring you their really cool Carbon Fiber Reinforced PLA filament!  It's been printing nice in our tests at the shop with some neat features.  


Thanks go out to our amazing users for recommending these great materials and here's to seeing what you all print with them!