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2014 Halloween 3D Print Contest

For the past month we've had a contest running for our community members to show us their best Halloween related 3D prints.  All they had to do to enter was post their work to our forum. It must have been either their own or someone elses design that they 3D printed, so long as it was an open source licensed design (no -NC).  And what they came up with are some pretty amazing prints!  Here's a quick rundown of all the entrants and their prints:

The first entrant was member RAMTechRob with this Makies Jack-O-Lantern he found on thingiverse.  It was printed in orange PLA on his Orion Delta.  The link to the model is available here



This pretty AMAZING entry came from our member Jassper.  He designed and printed this halloween themed checkers board AND pieces.  Head on over to Repables.com to download it for yourself.  This whole set was printed on his Yellow Jacket themed custom Rostock MAX.  You should go check it out on our forums, it's a one of a kind!


And here's another pumpkin entry by our member Brian that he printed on his Orion Delta.  The model can be found here if you want to print your own.  He even made a pretty awesome time lapse of it being printed for you to watch.


This black widow spider was designed and printed by lroger01 on his Orion Delta in black ABS.  We hear it's so large it even scares him when he forgets it's around his desk!  You can find the file here


Of course what kind of halloween contest would it be without someone printing a spooky skull?  So member Batteau62 printed this one in ghoulish green ABS on his modified Rostock MAX.  You can find the file here


Up next was member HesDeadJIm and these amazing Maleficent horns that he went all out on!  Not only did he 3D print them on his Rostock MAX v2, he then added textures and paint and more to give them that right out of the movies look!  These were designed by one of our other members, mrclaybo, who has printed some really amazing iron man costume parts on his Rostock MAX's.  The file can be downloaded here


The next skull entry came from user Holy1 on our forums.  This skull model can be found here


The last entry for the contest came in at the last minute, and it's a great one!  User ewm from our forum just picked up their first 3D printer, a Rostock MAX v2 from us in late August.  Not bad for a self-described noob to 3D modeling and printing!  You can download the model here and view more of the photos on the project here

It was really awesome to see everybody's entries in the contest.  We had a pretty hard time narrowing down the 3 winners for this months contest.  That said lets get the winners announced!


1st place goes to ewm for the awesome spider 3d printed on their new Rostock MAX v2

2nd place goes to Jassper for the 3D printed checkers set in Halloween themed colors

3rd place goes to HesDeadJim for the amazing 3D printed Maleficent horns

Keep up the great work guys, and we'll see what we can come up with for next months 3D printing contest from SeeMeCNC